Date of Addition

12th March 2022

Added new biographies for WW1 and WW2 men who were either born or lived in Ossett, but lost their lives serving their country and whose names have been submitted for inclusion on the Ossett War Memorial as follows:

WW1 - Charles H. Almond, Fred Asquith, Percy Dickens, Samuel K. Gothard, Thomas Grady, James E. Hartill, William I. S. Hartley, Harry Pickersgill, John H. Richmond, Herbert S. Scott, Newman Summerscales and Charles Robert Wilkinson

WW2 - Leonard Cobbett, Bertie Percy Dickens, Samuel Long, Benjamin Oldroyd and Ernest Smales

In addition a biography has been added for WW1 Military Medal Winner - Joseph Charlesworth

2nd May 2020

Major Update. Added new section Kids Corner with some Ossett local history in a less verbose style intended for primary school children.

11th October 2019

Added new section about history and subsequent conversion to housing of the Storrs Hill Isolation Hospital written by Ossett historian Neville Ashby included as part of the Ossett Houses section. Also added two new WW1 biographies for Ossett VAD Nurses: Clara Renshaw and Dorothy Pollard.

10th September 2019

Major Update. Added new section Ossett Virtual Blue Plaque Project with details of the locations in Ossett where a real Blue Plaque might be placed in the future. Already some progress has been made by Ossett Civic Trust to install Ossett's first Blue Plaque on the Town Hall.

9th May 2019

Added the story of Gawthorpe born commercial artist and WW1 war hero Horace Brooke to the "Ossett People" page. Also Horace Brooke's WW1 service and the award of the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Added the only known picture of Ossett double murderess Louie Calvert to the "Ossett People" page. Completed David Scriven's look at Ossett during the WW1 years up to 1919 and the aftermath of WW1. Several additional WW1 and WW2 biographies added, including Sydney Beauchamp, John W. Byram, Albert Posliff and George Alfred Bastey.

8th June 2017

Added David Scriven's latest look at Ossett during the WW1 years for the months of July to December 1917. Added rare picture of Flight Lieutenant H.L. Taylor at the scene of the WW1 Ossett air crash in 1918. Added new section about the Harrops of Rock House, Horbury and Canon John Sharp written by Ossett historian Helen Bickerdike to the beyond.ossett.net page. Updates and corrections to the WW1 and WW2 biographies from information received from family members.

8th January 2017

Major update. Added new section WW2 Remembrance with biographies of the 75 Ossett men and women who gave their lives during the Second World War. Also included are the biographies of those remembered on the Ossett Grammar School WW2 Memorial, which was unveiled in 1951. This includes some men from Horbury and Middlestown as well as Ossett. The new WW2 page is still work in progress, but there are additional biographies of some of the men that survived and also some that received medals for bravery. These will be expanded with more names as time permits.

14th December 2016

Added David Scriven's latest look at Ossett during the WW1 years for the months of January to June 1917. Updated the Ossett Grammar School pictures page with additional pictures from Telford Moore and some pupil names with hotspots. Updated the Ossett Academy page with a new partial list of Ossett Grammar School Head Boys and Head Girls. Updated the Ossett People page with some corrections about John Woodhouse, aprt of the "Benjamin Ingham, the Ossett Godfather" story. Added the Douglas Brammer Powerpoint presentation "Brammer's Ossett" for the Ossett Historical Society on the 28th November 2016 in the Downloads area of the ossett.net web site.

4th July 2016

Major update. Added new section called Brammer's Ossett Sketches with many more sketches and descriptions of the scenes by Ossett artist Douglas Brammer. New section by Helen Bickerdike detailing the laying of the foundation stone at Ossett Town Hall and the grand opening ceremony in 1908. New update to the history of Sowood House on Ossett Green with additional material and pictures of Dr. Stephen Brandon Stoker by Alan Howe. Updated the Gawthorpe page with new pictures of the Boot and Shoe public house and some minor corrections. Added David Scriven's excellent snapshot of Ossett during WW1 for the months of July through December 1916.

15th April 2016

New section in the Healey section about the history of the people of Healey, Ossett, with a more comprehensive version as a PDF in the Downloads section, all researched by Alan Howe. Update and correction to the Digges La Touche brothers biography after correspondence with Michael La Touche, the son of Alexander La Touche.

23rd February 2016

Added the history of Elder House, Teall Street to the Ossett Houses section. Also added in the Downloads Section, a detailed History of Rock Cottgages by Alan Howe. Added four new pictures to the Picture Gallery page.

19th November 2015

Parts of the Ossett Houses section on Green Mount and Sowood House re-written and greatly expanded by Alan Howe. Also added in the Downloads Section, a detailed History of Sowood House and the Doctors Greenwood. Other minor updates to the Gawthorpe page.

26th July 2015

New section added written by Neville Ashby in the Healey section, specifically about Millbank, which adjoins Healey and Ossett at the Figure of Three Lock on the Calder and Hebble canal. This section is now renamed "Healey and Millbank" to reflect the new material added by Neville, which covers some original research about the industrial heritage of the area.

1st July 2015

Added the story of Ossett's last blacksmith, Don Cawthra in the Ossett People page. With thanks to Steve Armitage of Gildersome for his recollections of Don and also the use of his photographs. Also, to Alan and Pat Howe for their anecdotes about Don Cawthra.

3rd May 2015

Added eight new pictures to the Picture Gallery section from photographs sent to me by Chris Robinson (from his father Albert Robinson's collection); from Pat Brothwell (nee Milner) and from Joyce Broughton (nee Webb). There are now over 180 Ossett pictures in the Picture Gallery, many which have not been published elsewhere.

Added to the Downloads section, Powerpoint presentation "Ossett Men at War" which was produced for the Ossett Historical Society meeting on the 27th April 2015 and presented then by Alan Howe and Steve Wilson.