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The Yarn Project is a Leeds University Project and "The Friends of Ossett Library", with support from Wakefield Library Service, will be participating in a new phase starting in February 2017.

The project will enable Ossett people to tell everybody about the history, heritage and community of Ossett and Gawthorpe and hopefully show what a great place it is to live, work, have a business or be educated in. We hope schools, Civic/Trade organisations, social and sporting clubs, etc. and individuals will participate.

Contributions will be written works, illustrated with images already to be found on the Internet - don't worry if you are not good with computers, we will get someone to do the technical work for you. The work will be by way of essay, article, researched work, poem (which may even be in rap), etc. It is the story that is important and not the literary merit.

You can write about any subject so long as there is a an Ossett or Gawthorpe connection. It would be great if people would write about their interests e.g. family or local history, sports clubs, etc. but if you want us to provide some ideas of subjects we would be glad to do so.

LET US TRY AND GET AS MANY CONTRIBUTIONS AS POSSIBLE IN THE FIRST YEAR!!! If the project is successful we would hope to have a celebratory event for all participants in about February 2018.

IF YOU MAY PARTICIPATE OR NEED ANY MORE INFORMATION - Email or phone Mike Adams on 01924 275644 (sorry -there is security on this phone so you will have to say who is calling) or mobile 07716 997444.


Mike Adams, February 2017

Here are some of the excellent Ossett YARN stories already submitted:

The Ossett History Exhibition 2015 by Charlie Adams - The Ossett History Exhibition 2015 was a major cross-community project involving local groups and students in order to bring Ossett together in a celebration of its vivid history and heritage. Here, in commemoration of the second anniversary of the exhibition, Project Manager Charlie Adams overviews the project from its beginning until its conclusion from his perspective.

When Ossett Had a Railway Station by Patricia Adams - Reminiscences on Ossett in the 1960s when there was a railway station and memories of a couple of events when the line closed.

Childhood Memories of Local Shops by Ruth Nettleton, Chair of Ossett Historical Society - These are a few recollections by Ruth Nettleton, Chair of Ossett Historical Society of her memories of three local shops.

Croft House and the Whitaker Family by Ruth Nettleton - A short story by Ruth Nettleton about Croft House, New Street, Ossett and the Whitaker family.

Maybe you would like to write your own Ossett YARN?