The Green, Ossett circa 1910

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The Green, Ossett, 1910

This rare postcard picture of The Green, Ossett is believed to have been taken between 1905 and 1915 and shows various shops on the same side of the road as Green Park, which is a little further down the road on the left. The shop at 28, the Green, with the lady stood in the doorway and children on the pavement outside is Sayers Saddlery. The Sayer family moved to Ossett sometime after 1901, most likely from Bubwith in East Yorkshire.

In 1911, James Edward Sayer, aged 55, saddler was the patriarch of the family with his wife Elizabeth Sayer, also 55 and their three children: John Sayer, 25, saddler; William Sayer, 19, baker and Maurice Sayer, 15, saddler. At that time the premises had five rooms, including the shop. It isn't known what became of the Sayers and how long the business survived.

Some of the shops and houses have been demolished, but the area is still easily identifiable today. The picture below, shows roughly the same scene in 2012 and the Sayers saddlery is now an Asian-run grocery, tobacconist and newsagent's shop.

The Green, 2012