Ossett Pictures - New Isolation Hospital 1895

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1894 Isolation Hospital Storr's Hill

Ossett had several outbreaks of smallpox in the 19th century and the Local Booard of Health decided in 1894 to replace the old isolation hospital with this brick-built structure, which had space for 20 beds. The new hospital, on a 2 acre site adjacent to the old iron hospital building, was completed in 1895, which is when this picture must have been taken. The hospital was designed by local architect Mr. W.A. Kendall, who was responsible for designing several other notable Ossett buildings around the turn of the 19th century. The first case of smallpox to be treated at the isolation hospital was a lady from Gawthorpe who was admitted in July 1896.

In 1896, a writ was served against Ossett Corporation on behalf of several property owners who were seeking to prevent the use of the hospital for the reception of smallpox patients. The plaintiffs claimed damages of between £2,000 and £3,000 for alleged depreciation to their property. The case, Harrop (of Rock House) and others versus Ossett Corporation finally came to court on the 15th Februatry 1898 and was concluded on the 26th May 1898, with the Corporation winning on every point. It was reported that the plaintiffs were left with the legal expenses of both sides, which amounted to double the original cost of the hospital.