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The Ossett Long Brothers

On the 20th May 1916, the "Ossett Observer" carried a story about the Ossett Long Brothers describing their WW1 service. It is reproduced below as it was written 100 years ago:



Long Brothers

Above: Top Left: James Long. Top Right, Thomas William Long. Bottom Left, John Charles Long and Bottom Right, Harry Long.

Few families in the immediate neighbourhood have a better record for voluntary military service during the present war than that of Mr. and Mrs,. Isaac Long of 1, King's Yard, Healey, Ossett. Of five sons, four are serving with the colours without waiting for Compulsion Acts and the other was rejected as unfit for military service when he went to enlist.

James, the eldest son, who is a married man with a wife and four children, is 36 years of age, and is in training with the R.A.M.C. in Canada, having resided in Toronto for the past seven years. It will be remembered by many that he was one of the first Ossett men who volunteered and went out with the contingent of ambulance men to the South African war sixteen years ago, and he holds three medals awarded for that campaign.

John Charles, the second son, is 34 years of age, married, and volunteered for service within a month after the outbreak of the present hostilities. He was living in Batley at the time, but up to about two years ago he resided in Ossett, and worked at the mills in Healey. He was formerly a member of the local Volunteers and Territorials, and the Ossett Ambulance Brigade, and is now serving with the ambulance section of the army. In May last year, he proceeded to the Dardanelles, and was there until October, when through contacting fever he was invalided to a hospital in the south of England. On recuperating, he visited home on several days leave, and in November last went to Egypt, where he is now engaged in hospital duty at Port Said.

Harry, who is 30 years of age, and Tom (23) were both members of the Territorials when the war began, and went out to the Western front with the 1st/4th Battalion, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in April last year. Harry, who used to work at the gas works, has been promoted from the rank of private to that of sergeant since going to the front, and has married. He is a member of the cycling section. Before the war Tom worked in the warehouse at Messrs. A. and W. Townend's, in Prospect Road, Ossett. He was servant to the late Captain A.C. Chadwick, the popular officer of the Ossett company, who was killed by a sniper some months ago. Tom's term of service as a Territorial was completed in November last, and he was signed on again for the period of the war.

The remaining brother, Sam, who is 32 years of age, and married, has for the past six years been in Sidney, New South Wales, where he is employed by a firm of chemists, and was rejected on presenting himself for enlistment.