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Christmas 1914 - Roll of Honour

The "Ossett Observer", Thursday the 24th December 1914

On Thursday, 24th December 1914 the "Ossett Observer" carried the following headline and report of the Ossett and Horbury men who were serving King and Country at that time. The article also includes some men from Middlestown, Netherton and Crigglestone and these listings are included at the end of the following transcription.

The army service records of some 70% of British men who served in WW1 were destroyed by the Luftwaffe when they bombed London in September 1940. Whilst WW1 medal rolls and medal index cards have largely survived they often do not include sufficient detail required to identify soldiers with any certainty.

Consequently, for many people, the "Ossett Observer" article may include the only easily identifiable record of WW1 service which has survived. For this reason, and because it may assist family historians to reconcile the soldiers with their WW1 medal cards the article has been reproduced below.

Great Britain had declared War against Germany on the 4th August 1914 and within four months all of these local men had volunteered to serve. Conscription was not brought in until January 1916. The first section of the following listings record those men who served as Officers including several serving in the local Regiment, The King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (K.O.Y.L.I.). Some of these men would be serving overseas in December 1914.

The second section lists Ossett men serving in Regiments other than 4th battalion  K.O.Y.L.I., and the third  section lists Ossett men serving in  4th Battalion K.O.Y.L.I. by December 1914. These were men who were reservists and/or men serving in the Territorial Regiment before War was declared. The 4th battalion later became known as the 1st/4th Battalion K.O.Y.L.I. This was the first-line 4th battalion KOYLI and they embarked for France on 12th April 1915.

The third section, headed K.O.Y.L.I. (Reserve) Battalion, were men who volunteered after the declaration of war and who were attached to this Reserve battalion which was formed in October 1914. It became known as 2/4 Battalion K.O.Y.L.I .i.e. the 2nd line Battalion with the remit to train and deploy recruits as replacements to 1/4 battalion when the need arose.  The Battalion did not embark for France until 15th January 1917 although many of the men on this listing would have become replacement soldiers for 1st/4th Battalion and other K.O.Y.L.I. battalions much earlier than this.

The "Ossett Observer" article also includes a list of names of men who were employees of the Old Roundwood Colliery. This is not reproduced here due to the poor quality of the copy and also because, as the article reports, many will be found also in the general list which we give and probably a number will reside outside the district to which the list applies.

The "Observer" article also included the names of men from Horbury, Middlestown, Overton, Netherton and Crigglestone and theses names are also included below.

The 100 year-old "Ossett Observer" article is a poor copy and whilst every care has been taken to reproduce the content as accurately as possible the reader is recommended to confirm the information, (especially the men’s service numbers) against the microfiched copy which is available in the Ossett Library.

The Ossett Observer Thursday the 24th December 1914




We have endeavoured to compile a list of Ossett and Horbury men who are serving their country, in the Army and Navy, in the present time of crisis. The result must necessarily be imperfect. Official records are not readily available, and our information comes from a wide variety of official and unofficial sources. We are conscious and regret , the following list is incomplete, despite the care which we have taken to ensure that the name of no local man, made worthy of the commemoration by patriotism, should be omitted.

Relatives and friends of soldiers and sailors whose names may have been omitted from these lists are invited to send particulars to the "Observer" with a view to the publication of a supplementary list at a later date.


Capt. Arthur C. Chadwick, Dewsbury; 4th (Service) K.O.Y.L.I., commanding “D” (Ossett) Company. Second son of Mr. C.H. Chadwick. His brother is a lieutenant in the same battalion.

Major R.H. Ellis, son of Mr Sam Ellis, an partner in the firm of G. Ellis Ltd, woollen manufacturers, Savile Town. Saw service in the South African War with the 4th (Volunteer) Battalion, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (Ossett Company). Is now attached to the 3rd Battalion of the same regiment.

Dr. W. Sim Garden, medical officer of Horbury, R.A.M.C., on active service in France.

Adjutant Capt. J.H. Greaves, Snapethorpe Hall; 4th (R) K.O.Y.L.I. Of the firm of Messrs J.O. Greaves and Son, mining engineers.

Capt. George Greenwood of the Cottage, The Green; 4th K.O.Y.L.I. Son of Mr. Bransby Greenwood, solicitor.

Lieut-Col. Everatt Hind. V.D. commanding the 4th (R) Battalion King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Is connected with a prominent Horbury family by marriage.

Surgeon – Capt. G.S. Mill, Wesley Street, Ossett. Attached to 4th K.O.Y.L.I. The school medical officer of Ossett.

Lieut-Col. E.A. Wraith, commanding 1st North Midland Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. Son of the late Mr. Alfred Wraith, manager of the Ossett branch of the United Counties Bank.

Lieut. L.E. Middleton, South Staffordshire regiment; son of the vicar of Gawthorpe and Chickenley Heath.


W.F. Allsopp, 57 Wesley-street; 2nd York and Lancs
J. Allum, Gawthorpe
Fenton Auty, South Parade
Geo. Hy. Adamson, Radley-street; K.O.Y.L.I.
---  Battye, 21 King’s-yard Healey, serving abroad
George Bennett, Little Town-end
George Briggs, Green Mount, The Green; R.A.M.C.
Pte. B. Bray,  Little Town-end; Army and Navy Sick Berth (Res); was at Antwerp
Pte. W. Burns, Town-end; Army and Navy Sick berth Res.
Pte. Harry Bottomley, Springstone-avenue, 2nd K.O.Y.L.I.; a prisoner in Doeberitz, Germany
Sergt. W. Berry, Royal Munster Fusiliers
Pte. Joe Beetham, Ryecroft-street, Leeds Pals Battalion
W. Herbert Booth, Clifton Villas, Station Road; Leeds Pals Battalion
Harry Brown, Dale-street; Yeomanry
Wm. Boothroyd, Albert-street
Jas. Thos. Brook, 46 Pickersgill-street, Dewsbury-road; Royal Life Guards
Harry Boocock, 8, Leeds–road
Jas. Batley, Leeds-road
Fred Bristow, 112, Dale-street; bandsman K.O.Y.L.I.
Wm. Binns, Dearden-street
Arthur Bell, Swithenbank-road, Gawthorpe
Harry Brettoner, Bridle-lane, Gawthorpe
--- Brown, Spa-street, serving abroad
Transport Officer J. Clayton, Little Town-end; Army and Navy Sick Berth Res.
Pte. L. Carrington, Gawthorpe; Army and Navy Sick Berth Res
Pte. A. Clarkson, Little Town-end, Army and Navy Sick Berth res.
Pte. Valentine Campbell Cribb, 19 Station Road; Royal Marines.
Sergt. J. Harold Cator, Sowood–lane; Royal Munster Fusiliers.
Pte. W. Chappell, Broadowler–lane, King’s Royal Marines.
Pte. Bernard Clayton, 34, Woodbine-street, Kitchener’s Army
Pte. Chas. H. Cribbes, Station-road; Military Telegraph Department. 
Gunner Wilfred Lawson Crabtree, Intake-lane; Royal Field Artillery
Stoker Arthur Copley, 7, Binks-yard, Dale-street, Royal Navy, H.M.S St. Vincent Thos. Clark, The Rocks.
Arthur Cooper, School-street, Gawthorpe
Pte. Arthur Dews, King’s–street, Station-road; Royal Marines
Corpl. G.H. Dickinson, Nettleton–street, 1st West Yorkshire; was wounded at Lille.
Pte. Ashley Dews, Town-end, Military Telegraph Department.
Willie Day, 32, Pickersgill-street, Dewsbury–rd
Corporal John Etty, Chickenley-lane; 18th Hussars; a prisoner in Germany.
Pte. Arthur Edgar,Ryecroft-street; military telegraph department.
Joe Edwards, Gawthorpe
Harry. E. Ellis, 45 Healey-road.
Jim Elliot, 20 Teale-street.
Corpl. J.B. Fothergill, Linthwaite, formerly of Manor-road Ossett; R.A.M.C. at Shoeburyness.
Albert Foster, Station–road.
H.J. Fox. Co-op buildings, Chickenley Heath.
G.H. France, Dewsbury-road.
Pte. Bernard Gara
Pte. Oswald Grogan, Storrs Hill-road; 2nd K.O.Y.L.I.
Pte. H. Gower, The Green; Army and Navy Sick Berth Reserve, H.M.S. Pembroke.
Pte. Joe Goldthorpe, Back-lane; Kitchener’s Army.
J.J. Gardner, Short-street, Gawthorpe
--- Glazebrook, Dale-street.
Wm. Francis Gee, 8 Sunnydale-terrace
J.W.Gray, Old School-street.
George Griffiths, Milner-street, Gawthorpe.
John Griffiths, Milner-street, Gawthorpe.
Pte. Lewis Hemingway, 10, Crown–street, Kitchener’s Army.
A.B. Seaman, Wm. H. Helliwell, Runtlings-lane; Royal Navy, H.M.S. Irresistible.
Private Z. Hall, Healey-road; Army and Navy Sick Berth Reserve.
Pte. W. Holder, Ryecroft–street; Army and Navy Sick Berth Reserve.
Pte. Victor Hadley, Dale-street; K.O.Y.L.I.; wounded at Cambrai.
Pte. Geo Hewitt, Teale-street: Miners’ Battalion.
Pte. Fred Hey, Owl–lane, Gawthorpe; 18th Hussars in France
Nurse Louisa Hanson, The Gables, Station-road; Red Cross Society in France.
Sergt. Albert. E. Hemingway, Sowood-lane; Yorkshire Hussars.
Pte. Benjamin Hall, Healey-lane; Royal Field Artillery.
John Ed. Hargreaves, Naylor-street.
----, Haigh, 14, School–street, Gawthorpe.
Geo. Hirst, Haggs-hill.
Charles Haley, Old School-street.
H. Hanson, Shaw Cross-lane.
Edward Humphrey, Woodbine-street; Royal Navy.
Pte. H. Illingworth, 5, School-yard,Teall-street; York and Lancaster Regiment.
Oscar Ivinson, 48 Fernside Cottage, Chickenley Heath.
Hugh Isaacs, Chidswell.
Pte. E.W. Jackson, 24 Stithy-street, Dewsbury-road; Army and Navy Sick Berth Res.
Pte. G.W. Jackson, Broadowler-lane; Lord Durham’s Own.
Charles Johnson, Milner-street, Gawthorpe.
Walter Jones, Horbury-road.
Pte. Norman Keenan, R.A.M.C.
Pte. Percy Kemp, 8 Ryecroft-street, Kitchener’s Army.
---- Kelly, 8, Teall-yard, Dale-street, Miners’ Battalion.
Pte. H. Lightowler, Chickenley Heath; Army and Navy Sick Berth Res; was at Antwerp.
Pte. J.C. Long, Healey; R.A.M.C.
Pte. Jesse Lamb, 5, Radley-street; Royal Marines.
Pte. Jas. W. Leather, The Green, Royal Naval Brigade; was at Antwerp.
Pte. Fred Lockwood, Wesley-street; King’s Royal Rifles.
Hector Lamb, Horbury Road.
Cecil Littlewood, 20, The Green.
Walter Littleton, 19, Lionel–street.
Claude Arthur Leather, 27 Headlands; Miners’ Battalion.
Pte. Arnold Metcalfe, Croft House; King’s Own Yorkshire Dragoons.
---- Mortimer, The Barracks, Gawthorpe.
Harold Nettleton, Wakefield–road, Flushdyke, Royal Navy on torpedo boat.
----  Oldroyd, 25, Cross-street, Gawthorpe; serving abroad.
Victor Patterson, Greatfield; R.A.M.C.
Pte. Geo. Pawson, Royal Field Artillery.
Pte. Geo. Parker, Storrs Hill-road; Royal Field Artillery.
Pte. Clifford Pearson, London City and Midland Bank; Yorkshire Hussars.
Pte. Bernard Pollard, Healey-road, Royal Navy.
John Pickles, 32, Bridle-lane.
Percy Roberts, George-street; mechanical transport, Army Service Corps.
Fred Richardson, 1, Hilda Street.
Private G.A. Riley, 3, Audsley-buildings, Healey-road; Grenadier Guards.
Pte. F.B. Rabey, The Green; Dorset Regiment; wounded and lost an arm.
Ernest Rhodes, Royal Navy.
Driver Thos. Ryan, 17 Storrs Hill-road; Army Service Corps.
James Ryan, 1, Greenwoods-yard, The Green.
John Reynolds, High-street, Gawthorpe.
D. Rothery 43, Chancery Lane.
S. Rothery, 95, High-street, Gawthorpe.
Walter Rollinson, 10, Gunson Row.
---- Rayner, 11, Teale’s–yard, serving abroad.
Charles Bertram Smith, 15, Station Road; Queen’s Own Dragoons.
Pte. Walter Stephenson, Little Town-end; 3rd West Yorks.
Corpl. Herbert Shires, 58, Junction-lane, 5th K.O.Y.L.I.
Corpl. J.W. Stansfield, Manor –road; Army and Navy Berth Res.
Pte. T.W. Sheldrake, Healey-road, Army and Navy Sick Berth Res.
Pte. L. Scargill, Willans-road, Dewsbury; Army and Navy Sick Berth Res.
Pte. Harry Smith, 4 Union–street; Royal Scots Fusiliers; a prisoner of war.
Stoker A.E. Sowden, Town-end, Royal Navy, HMS Hindustan.
Frank Shaw, Cross Ryecroft-street; Sick Berth Attendant.
Edward Shortland, 14 Teale-street; Kitchener’s Army.
Alfred Slater, Chapel-street, South Parade.
Charles Sharp, 101 High-street, Gawthorpe.
J.W. Slaney, 1, Church-street; Sherwood Foresters; in France.
Albert Stephenson, Dewsbury-road.
Amos Smith, Dale-street.
Frank W. Sykes, Springstone-avenue.
George Starmer, Cross-street, Gawthorpe.
Gerald Townend, Glenholme, Runtlings. R.A.M.C.
James Ed. Taylor, Healey; 11th Bat. K.O.Y.L.I.
Ernest Taylor, Bridle-lane, Gawthorpe; Royal Naval Reserve.
Ernest Taylor, 13, Glenholme-terrace, High-street, Gawthorpe.
W. Hubert Taylor, Pontygarth, Station-road.
Clifford Tetley, 56, Springstone-avenue; West Yorks Regiment Honourable Artillery Co., in France.
Pte. Wm. Tomlinson, 25, Headlands-road; 1st West Yorks., reported missing.
---- Thompson, 5, Ward’s-yard, Dale-street, K.O.Y.L.I.
Wilfred Tolson, Stithy-street.
Alf. Tolson, 45, Horbury-road.
Herbert S. Vickers, Healey.
Alfred Vickers, Teall-street; K.O.Y.L.I., Territorials.
Joseph Vincent, Chickenley Heath.
Pte. Daniel Ward, Ryecroft-street; York and Lancaster Regiment.
Sergt. A. Walker, Station-road; Army and Navy Sick Berth Res.
Pte. T.W. Wainwright, Flushdyke; R.A.M.C.
Pte. Jos. H. Wheeler, 15, Radley-street; Royal Marines.
Pte. Joe White, 23, Maypole-yard, The Green, 2nd Bat Royal Marines.
Pte. Harry Ward, Headlands; Yorks. Hussars.
John Hirst Walker, Junction-lane; Kitchener’s Army.
Pte. J. Wood, 21, Queen-terrace; 2nd York and Lancaster Regiment.
Gunner Chas Wright, Ryecroft-street; Royal Garrison Artillery.
Wm. P. Whittaker, 40, Prospect-road; Royal Navy, HMS Goliath.
Rowland Wilson, 59, Healey-road.
Ernest Webster, Albert-street; R.A.M.C.
David Wilson, 83 Ake-terrace, Gawthorpe.
F. Womersley , 15, Cross-street, Gawthorpe.
Geo. Waterworth, Water-lane, Chickenley.
Pte. Chas. Wainwright, 12, Teale’s –yard, Dale-street; K.O.Y.L.I.
Jas. Ward, Chickenley-lane.
Wilfred Wood, Woodbine-street.
A.F. Wilson, Naylor-street.
Clifford B. Wilson, Broadlands, Westfield; R.A.M.C.
Empsall Woollen, Cross-street, Gawthorpe.
Herbert Woollen, Cross-street, Gawthorpe.
J.Watterson, Dewsbury-road.
Albert Wharton, Ryecroft-street; Miners’ Battalion.
Albert Ward, 22, Spa-street.

Private Sam Stephenson of the 2nd Battalion, (Duke of Wellington’s) West Riding Regiment, a native of Ossett Common. Killed at Wasmas on Aug. 24th. Had served in India. For several years had lived at Newcastle on Tyne. 31 years of age and leaves a wife and three children.

Private Walter Booth, of the Durham light Infantry, of Chickenley, 30 years of age. Had spent seven years in India. Worked at Pildacre Mills (Messrs Fitton and Son.)


88 Lieut. Q.M.S. J. Lockwood, 28, Springstone-avenue
1884 C.Sgt. W. Jones, Hawthorne-terrace
2171 Sgt. C.H. Haley, 8, Old Church-street
730 Sgt. A. Smith, 65  Dale-street
513 Sgt. F. Smith, 2 Clarendon-cottages
178 Sgt. F. Ward, 68 Dale-street
2169 Sgt. W. Wood, 32 Woodbine-street
2065 Sgt. H. Baines, 5 Union-street, off Dale-street
810  Cpl.  W. Binns, Dearden-street
1477 Lce-Sgt. J.W. Gray, Old Church-street
734 Pte. H. Allsop, Wesley-street
2250 Pte. W. Audsley, High-street, Gawthorpe
665 Pte. H. Beetham, Manor-road
1585 Pte. H. Bentley, Market-place
1349 Pte. W. Bentley, Market-place
1830 Pte. H. Bentley, 17 Market-place
1568 Pte. F. Boothroyd, Albert-street, South Ossett
1814 Pte. H. Brown, 6 Robinson’s-croft
1651 Pte. J.E. Burkill, 3 Wakefield-road
1647 Pte. W.J. Burkill, 3 Wakefield-road
2284 Pte. H. Cross, Crossley-buildings, Chickenley Heath
2134 Pte. J. Colbeck, 10 Streetside
1969 L-C. J.W. Crow, 8 George-street, Healey-road
1649 Pte. O. Fell, 8 Greatfield-road
1409 Pte. W. Firth, Woodbine-street
1488 Pte. O. Fisher, Intake-lane
2096 Pte. A. Fox, 16 Co-op-buildings, Chickenley–lane
2277 Pte. G.W. Gomersal,22, Pickersgill-street
1988 Pte. H. Grace, Healey-road
2283 Pte. W. Glover, Dale-street
1513 Lce-Corpl E. Hall, South parade
1393 Pte. A. Hill, Cross Ryecroft-street
1980 Pte J. Hanson, George-street, Healey-road
1600 Pte. G.W. Haigh, 13, Happy Land
1583 Pte. J.E. Larkin, Radley-street
1269 Pte. W. Larkin, Radley-street
1184 Pte. T.W. Long, Healey-road
1640 Pte. E. Lodge, Intake-lane
842 L-C.  E. Margrave, Little Town End
1934 L-C.  A. Megson, 45, Park-square
1518 Corpl. C. Norton, Sunnydale
1871 Pte. F. Parker, Healey-road
1328 Pte. J. Prince, Workhouse-road, Flushdyke
127 Pte. E. Riley, Cross-street, Gawthorpe
1523 L-C. E. Russell, Ryecroft-street
1914 Pte. F. Richardson,Hilda-street, Station-road
1942 Pte. F. Sharpe, 101 High-street, Gawthorpe
1553 Pte. A. Shaw, 12 Eldon-terrace, Flushdyke
1394 Pte. S.  Shaw, Cross Ryecroft-street
349 Pte. W. Stephenson, Wyeclffe-street
2083 Pte. G. Smith, Veto-buildings, Manor-road
2016 Pte. C. Smith, Healey-road
2063 Pte. L. Smith,Town-end
2283 Pte. F. Sykes,Lands-buildings, Dewsbury-road
1763 Pte. A. Terry, Radley-street
2156 Pte. H. Woodward, Market-place
4774 C.S.I.  A.F. Ware, The Drill Hall
Lce-Corpl I. Willett, Station-road


Sergt. Gilbert Megson, Runtlings
Sergt. Arthur Cook, Greatfield
Stanley Lockwood, Town-end
Albert Dews, South Parade
Lance-Corporal Irvin Hinchliffe, King street
Lance-Cpl. Arthur I. Watson, Intake-lane
Lance-Cpl. George Henry Tallett, Lionel-street
Lance-Cpl. Willie Wilcock, Ryecroft-street
Lance-Cpl. Edwin Dickson, Park-square
James A. Allsopp, 5 Queen’s–terrace
Walter Cater, Town-end
George Hubert Hemingway, 2, Low-fold
Walter Pickersgill, 38 Little Town-end
Franck Brocklebank, 53, Park–square
Norman Oldroyd, Woodbine-street
Harry Firth, 4, Woodbine-street
William Henry Taylor, Grove-street, Healey–lane
Alfred Wainwright, Woodbine-street
Alfred Radley Cooper, Sutton’s–buildings, Healey-road
Joseph Ward, 111, South Parade
Harvey Grace, South Parade
Joseph Sykes, South Parade
Willie Smith, Storrs Hill–road
Herbert Richardson, Storrs Hill-road
Walter Cobbett, Clarendon–street, Horbury-road
Albert Duncan, Cross Ryecroft-street
--- Ross, 15, Teal-street
G. Beetham, Manor-road
Jepson Lang Waterson, 2 Pildacre
Stephen Illingworth, Park-square
Thomas Baines Challenger, 6, Haggs Hill-road
Claude Fisher, Intake-lane
Tom Horace Summerscales, Albert-street
Thomas. W. Green, Audrey-street
Lance-Cpl. Fred Clark, Park-square
Frederick Wilkinson, Tattersfield-street
Clarence Pickard, David-street
George Arthur Hinchliffe, Westfield-street
Harry Hanson, Dale-street
Thos. Alvan Bell, King-street
Rowland E. Spurr, Ashton-buildings, Flushdyke
Herbert L. Ramsden, 10, Park-square
Geo. Sharpe, Audrey-street
Walter Goldthorpe, South Parade
Geo. Glover, 31 Haggs-hill
Roland Heald, 1 Teal-street, Ossett Common
Clifford Illingworth, The Green
Willie Robertshaw, Wesley-street
Bernard Callaghan, 1 Victoria-street
John Wm. Wilby, Haggs Hill-road
Walter Norton, 34, Dale-street
Geo. Sugden, 4, Pildacre–hill
David Wm. Conroy, 58, Manor-road
Geo. Rowley, Co-operative-street, Chickenley Heath
John Chas. Ross, Cardigan-lane, Manor-road
John Willie Illingworth, Old Church-street
Robert Hall, 6, Spurr’s-yard
Stanley Mullins, Hope-street
Geo. Jennings, Gunson–row, Church-street
Geo. Senior, Riley’s-yard, Wakefield-road
Ralph Summerscales, Ossett Spa
Geo. Summerscales, Audrey-street
Ben Robert Sims, South Parade


Sergt. Harry Fallas, The Green
Sergt. P. Nelson, Railway Tavern Inn, Town-end
George Audsley, 4 Low-fold, Town-end
Alonzo Brook, Dale-street
John Booth, Low Mill-yard ,Healey
John Clarkson, Little Town-end
Thomas Finnimore, Tomlinson’s–yard, Dale-street
George Gawthorpe, Low Mill-yard, Healey
John Henry Goldthorpe, Manor-road
Samuel Gothard, Ward’s-buildings, The Green
Charles Edward Johnson, Prospect-road
George Jessop, Horbury–road
William Henry Kershaw, Little Town-end
William Larkin, Radley-street
Joseph Lumb, Farrand’s–yard, Horbury
Daniel Moss, Dale-street
Alexander Nettleton, The Green
Sykes Parker, Radley-street
William Ed. Palmer, West Wells–road
Jos. Peace, Spa-street
George W. Rhodes, Fern House, Church–street
Fred Smith, Healey-road
Isaac Taylor, Temperance Hotel, Bank–street
Harrop Townend, Moorcroft-street
Edwin Westwood, Headlands-road
Henry Westbury, Little Town-end
Joshua Webster, 31, The Green


1496 Serg. W. Scorah, 4, Wray’s-yard
1953 Pte. C. Bedford, Parker-street
1563 Pte. F. Boulby, Westfield-street
2201 Pte. G. Blackmore, Hall-cliffe
2486 Lance-Cpl. L. Blacker, Shepstye-road
2281 Pte. P.C. Carter, Ranter’s-yard
2280 Pte. C. Gomersal, 18 School-lane
2094 Pte. W. Gledhill, Shepstye-road
2278 Pte. A. Haigh, High-street
1928 Pte. T. Hawkins, Parker-road
2256 Pte. J. Horuby, Normanton-terrace
2404 Pte. J. Holroyd, Clubhouses
1591 Pte. M. Lucas, Carlton-street
  204 Pte. H. Musgrave, New-road
1561 Pte. H. Neal, Parker-road
Pte. J.W. Oxley, Westfield-road
1928 Pte. C. Pickersgill, Parker-road
1815 Pte. W. Scott, Audsley-road
1554 Pte. G.A. Tiplady, Dudfleet
2133 Pte. R.P. Taylor, Wray’s-yard


William Matthews, Kirby Lodge
Edward Fallon, Clubhouse-yard, Highfield-road
Lance-Cpl. William Pollard, Kirby Lodge
Lance-Cpl. Frank Crossland, Manor-road, Westfield
John William Peaker, High-street
Edgar Margrave, Spring-end
Herbert Joseph Thompson, New-street
George Ward, Sycamore-terrace, Horbury Junction
Harry Schofield, Stringer-lane
John Dalton, Dudfleet-lane
Harry Lee, Horbury Bridge
Joseph Bentlry, Northgate
Francis Wm. Harrop, Temperance Hall
J.E. Knight, Northgate

MIDDLESTOWN and OVERTON (men serving)

Edward Bradbury, Middlestown
Luke Balk, Middlestown
Frank Cuffe, Middlestown
J. Dunn, Middlestown
Sam Fox, Middlestown
Ben Gascoigne, Overton
Herbert Howden, Middlestown
Jacob Kenny, Overton
John Littlewood, Middlestown
Willie Lee, Stonecliffe Cottages, Middlestown, Naval Reserve, interned in Holland
John Thos. McCall, Smithy Brooke, Middlestown, Naval Reserve, interned in Holland
James McCall, Overton, Naval Reserve, interned in Holland
Welbourne Peace, Middlestown
J. Reed, Overton
J. Stacey, Middlestown
T. Saunders, Overton.
Albert Tattersley, Overton
Thos. Townend, Stonecliffe cottages, Naval Reserve, interned in Holland
Wm. Taylor, Overton
Harry Wiper, Middlestown
W. Westerby, Middlestown


Richard Bedford, Ingham’s-yard
John Bryan, Coxley Valley


1586 Pte J. Kitchen, 11, New Scarboro’

CRIGGLESTONE (men serving)

F. Bardsley, Dawgreen-avenue
Wm. Keeley, Dawgreen
Ed. Margrave, 9, Tattersall–street
Thos. North, Painthorpe
Willie Teale, Wadhouse-cottages


2043 Pte P. Wilcock, Daw Lane-end 4th K.O.Y.L.I.
Ernest Chapple, K.O.Y.L.I. Reserve
Percy Bailey, K.O.Y.L.I. Reserve