What's New?
Date of Addition
18th August 2012

Added four more picture pages to the "Picture Gallery" page. These include: Gawthorpe primary school, class of 1960/61; Celebrations outside Ossett Town Hall to mark the end of WW1; Hepworth Brothers, Owl Lane Mill in 1952 and Gawthorpe Bethesda Cricket Team in 1915.

5th January 2013

Added section about artist Christopher Cavania Sanders, RA (1905-1991), an ex-pupil of Ossett Grammar School who went on to become an eminent artist and was responsible for the iconic Birds Custard logo circa 1938. The new information is in the RH sidebar with pictures on the "Ossett School" page. Thanks to Roger Sanders for the information and pictures.

27th January 2013

Major Update - New section named "Sowood" featuring four parts: Sowood Manor, Sowood Farm, Matty Marsden Lane and Rock Cottages. The new Sowood section is based entirely on new research carried out in 2012 by Ossett historian Alan Howe. The website version is an annotated summary of Alan's work, which is reproduced in full in the "Downloads" section of the website as four separate PDF files. The full version is recommended if you want to study the Sowood area of Ossett in more detail. My thanks to Alan Howe for giving me permission to put his research work on this website.

7th April 2013

Corrections to the "Ossett Spa" page in respect of the Montpelier Pleasure Grounds, Ossett Spa and the performance at Easter 1884 of the "African Blondin" as opposed to Charles Blondin, which was originally assumed. My thanks to Kylie Robinson for her work on this.

25th August 2013

Added Richard Glover's detailed history of Gedham Mill to the "Downloads" section of the web site as a PDF file.

23rd October 2013

Major Update - Added sixteen new picture pages to the "Picture Gallery" area showing various view of Ossett from yesteryear and in some cases the same view from this year. Added information about "Rock Cottage" by Alan Howe to the "Sowood" page.

6th July 2014

Major Update - Added completely new section "WW1 Remembrance" with over 250 individual biographies of soldiers and sailors from Ossett who lost their lives during or as a result of WW1. There is also a section written by Ossett historian David Scriven recording what life was like in Ossett during the years of WW1 through to the post-war year of 1919. In addition, the stories of men who won medals for bravery during WW1, the four Ossett Conscientious Objectors and the stories of those men who survived the Great War are also featured.

In many cases, the biographies have pictures of the men concerned and obituaries taken from the archives of the "Ossett Observer" newspaper. Where possible, the specific WW1 action where these men lost their lives has been included.

A downloadable EXCEL spreadsheet has also been provided, which brings together a lot of the individual biography information for these men, such as age, address, regiment, date of death, occupation, next-of-kin, etc. and this provides a comprehensive Ossett WW1 Memorial Roll, which we believe is the most comprehensive currently available and includes men who were not listed on the Ossett War Memorial or the various church memorials in the borough.

My thanks to Alan Howe for his hard work and help with the research on this project and also thanks to Neville Ashby who has provided pictures from his extensive Ossett collection.