9G5X Team

G3XAQAlan Ibbetson, G3XAQ, is an exiled Yorkshireman, now living in Canterbury, Kent. He is retired from American drugs giant Pfizer, where he worked as an I.T. Director. An experienced DXpeditioner and contester, Alan has operated from many African, Asian and Caribbean countries, such as Equatorial Guinea, 3C5XA, Uganda, 5X1XA, Ghana 9G5XA, Rwanda 9X0XA, Gambia C5X, Ethiopia, ET3AA, Cambodia, XU7ABC, Jamaica G3XAQ/6Y5, St. Lucia J6/G3XAQ and Barbados 8P9XA. Alan was the driving force in establishing this DXpedition and he has much experience of operating from Ghana, since this will be his fifteenth trip. A member of the First-Class CW Operators Club (FOC), Alan operates mostly on CW, but says he will maybe try operating some RTTY during the 9G5X expedition. Alan organised the 9G5X licence with the NCA in Accra and also the hotel logistics at Sweet Mother Eco Resort, so that we had accommodation with full access to the 6 acres of garden for our antennas.

G4BWPFred Handscombe, G4BWP has just returned to England after several years working and living in the U.A.E. where he held the callsign A65BD. Now living at Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk with his wife and daughter, Fred works as Director of Technical Services for international telecommunications company Zinwave Ltd. Fred joined the VooDudes Contest Group in 1998 and has operated from Guinea 3X5A, Niger 5U5Z, Togo 5V7A, Ghana 9G5AA, Sierra Leone 9L5A, Liberia EL2A, Mali TZ5A and Burkina Faso, XT2DX. Main skills: shouting loudly during antenna work, tying ropes, lifting heavy things, organising lunch, maintaining a sense of humour at all times. Other skills: fixing amplifiers, running rate, and speaking French. Fred will be in charge of antenna work at 9G5X and will operate on CW, SSB and RTTY. He holds the American Extra Class callsign K6BWP. Fred is currently the Chairman of the First-Class Operators CW Club (FOC) and is one of the very few British DXers to have achieved 3,000 countries worked over 9 bands (160m - 6m) for the ARRL DXCC Challenge. He is also the only UK DXer to have achieved a placing on the DXCC RTTY Honor Roll.

G3VMWSteve Wilson, G3VMW, is now retired after working all his life in the UK Electricity Supply Industry as a telecommunications engineer and senior manager. Steve lives in the rural village of Bramham, between York and Leeds in Yorkshire. He has also travelled extensively and operated with DXpeditions including Gambia C5X, Comoros Islands D68C, Ethiopia ET3AA, Myanmar (Burma) XZ0A, Sovereign Base Area, Cyprus, ZC4AKR, Ghana 9G5SW and also with the the VooDudes Contest Group from Togo as 5V7A. When contesting from home, he uses his special contest call, M2X. Steve was responsible for the N1MM+ computer network for 9G5X, for this web page, the 9G5X QSL card design and QSL administration with Charles M0OXO to ensure there is no delay with LoTW or Clublog confirmations. Steve enjoys building radios and big amplifiers. He also likes fast CW and the adrenalin rush of running big pile-ups on any mode: CW, SSB or RTTY. Steve is on the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll and just needs North Korea, P5 to have worked all DXCC countries. He is also a member of the First-Class CW Operators Club, CW being his favourite mode.

5B4AGNBob Henderson, 5B4AGN, previously G3ZEM, has lived near Pafos in Cyprus for the past 17 years following his retirement as Chief Executive of a Leeds based, business computer group. First licensed some 47 years ago in Hartlepool, County Durham, Bob has established a highly competitive contest station at his home in Cyprus, from where he is often active using his contest call-sign P3F. World traveller, Bob has operated from East Timor 4W/G3ZEM, Togo 5V7ZM, Ghana 9G5ZM, Nauru C21ZM, Philippines DU1SVA, Mariana Islands KH0/G3ZEM, Guam KH2/G3ZEM, Palau T88ZM, Micronesia V63ZM, Sovereign Base Area, Cyprus ZC4ZM, Tristan da Cunha ZD9ZM and South Africa ZS/G3ZEM. He also holds the American Extra Class call-sign AF7EH. Bob is well-known in the amateur radio community for his widely deployed TX Bandpass Filter kits, which are in use in many contest stations around the world. He is a member of the VooDudes Contest Club and the First-Class CW Operators Club. Although preferring CW, he will also operate SSB and RTTY from 9G5X.

M0PCBIain Kelly, M0PCB, is the youngest in our crew, but has plenty of experience as a DXpedition and contest operator. Originating from Bishop Auckland in Co. Durham, Iain is a graduate of York University where he studied Radio Frequency Engineering. He now lives in the south-west of England and works for the UK Civil Service in the RF engineering field. One of the C5X Gambia expedition team in 2015, Iain has also operated from Montserrat as VP2MXI and from Canada as VE3/M0PCB. He holds the US Extra Class call AD5XI and also a full licence in the Falkland Islands, VP8DNA. As a member of the Vulture Squadron Contest Club, G9V, Iain has operated in contests from Guernsey, Jersey, Wales and England. A committee member of the First-Class CW Operators Club and a member of the RSGB Contest Committee, Iain is a keen CW operator with a comprehensive station at his home. He prefers CW or RTTY and will be operating from 9G5X in the RSGB Commonwealth Contest during our first weekend there.

G6MCNeil Clarke, G6MC, is joining us for his first ever DXpedition. Neil has built up, over several years now, the impressively competitive contest station, G6MC at his farm premises, just outside Harrogate at Brimham Rocks. Located high in the Yorkshire hills, with no man-made noise and with a 160m 1/4 wave vertical, 80m 4-Square, plus monoband beams for 40m through 10m, it isn't hard to imagine the success he has enjoyed operating from his fine station. Neil is a busy dairy farmer and has a large herd of pedigree Holstein cattle on his 350 acre farm. Neil and his wife Sue have kindly hosted the winning G6MC/P NFD CW team for 2015 and 2016 in a corner of one of his fields, 1/4 mile from the farm. As a skilled SSB contester, Neil will be doing a lot of the SSB operating at 9G5X, and will be lending his expertise to establish a couple of Beverage LF receiving aerials on the 6 acre plot at Sweet Mother.