We will be operating from the Sweet Mother Eco Resort, Aburi, about 30km north of Accra, in the Akwapim Mountain area. The site is around 400m a.s.l. and has a good clear take-off towards the major population areas of Europe, North America and Asia.

"Sweet Mother is an eco-resort situated on 6 acres of land on the cool Akwapim mountains in Aburi, Ghana. Our resort features wifi, various terraces, an outside bar, a restaurant, organic food, a children’s playground, arts facilities for performing artists and lots of different corners for activities. Sweet Mother is situated on a slope in the mountainous area north of the capital Accra, at a 30 minutes drive from Accra airport, and only 40 minutes from the beach."

Sweet Mother Eco Resort

Sweet Mother Chalets

SM Bird

SM Garden

Aburi is located in the eastern region of Ghana. Ghana is located on the Gulf of Guinea, only a few degrees north of the Equator, giving it a warm climate. Of course, this is Africa, so there are two seasons: the dry season, and the rain season. The tropical climate of Ghana is relatively mild for its latitude. South Ghana experiences its rainy season from April to mid-November. Average temperatures range from 21°C to 28°C (70 to 82°F) with a relative humidity between 77 percent and 85 percent. There is no need for air-conditioning, sometimes you even would need a blanket for the night.